Certified Kitchen Designer

A Certified Kitchen Designer is a professional who is qualified by education and experience to research, design, plan and supervise the installation of residential style kitchens. Their expertise lies in researching the personal needs of the client and designing the most functional and aesthetically pleasing arrangement of space. The right [...]

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How to Choose the Best Kitchen Manufacturer

How to choose the best Kitchen Manufacturers Avoid modular bases systems. These limit design as they are set sizing, styles and finishes. They can be imported or locally made. These are either supplied flat pack and assembled on site or in a factory by the installer. You will know when [...]

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Legal Requirements – Registered Building Contractor

According to the HIA 67% of people are dissatisfied with their renovation and believe they didn't receive their expectations. Did you know that any project over $5,000 value must be completed by a registered building contractor and be documented on a building contract? In addition any project $16,000 or more [...]

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Kitchen Design Tips

6 KEY KITCHEN DESIGN TIPS FOR FREE Does your Kitchen measure up to you? The correct height of your bench top is so important. This applies to the Preparation, Cooking & Cleaning Zones in the kitchen. Have you ever received a pain in the lower back from washing dishes, chopping [...]

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Storage Revolutions

Storage space is a valuable commodity in any modern kitchen — and even the best contemporary designs struggle to create enough. Make the best use of every available nook and cranny with a corner cabinet system from Häfele cabinets. Read more here.

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In the news

PRESTIGE KITCHENS MELBOURNE has been featured in The Complete Home by Universal Magazines. "The renovation started with the removal of a partition wall and brick bar, and merging the separate kitchen and dining areas into one room. A dramatic 80mm-thick suspended benchtop connects the space. The ultra-high-gloss finish on the [...]

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