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About Me

With over 30 years experience in kitchen designs I am passionate in getting the right design for your home. Together with your ideas, I will design the most individual yet efficient and functional kitchen, whether it’s your current home or building a new home.

Whether it’s a small or large space, together, my experience as a Certified Kitchen Designer (often referred to as a Kitchen Planner) ensures we can make sure it works efficiently and effectively for you, your family and friends. A kitchen is a large investment into your home and I understand it needs to be right, taking into consideration your preferred style and needs. My aim is to design a kitchen that is unique to your lifestyle; a place you will love to work in and gather with your family and friends.

Creating a kitchen that looks good and works well takes more than money. There is no ideal kitchen. What is perfect for you depends on your personal lifestyle.

All my designs are enhanced with computer aided 3D technology helping you to see what your kitchen could look like.

Why a ‘ CKD ’

A Certified Kitchen Designer is a professional who is qualified by education and experience to research, design, plan and supervise the installation of residential style kitchens.

Their expertise lies in researching the personal needs of the client and designing the most functional and aesthetically pleasing arrangement of space.

The right to use the name Certified Kitchen Designer may be granted only by the HIA-NKBA to persons who meet the established qualifications. To obtain the accreditation of a C.K.D. you must have a minimum of 7 years practical experience.

According to the HIA 67% of people are dissatisfied with their renovation and believe they didn’t receive their expectations. A high level of attention to detail with the help of a Kitchen Planner ensures you are fully informed as to where the money goes. 

What does this mean for you, the customer?

Creating a kitchen that looks good and works well takes more than money. There is no ideal kitchen. What is perfect for you depends on your personal lifestyle.

Talk to our Melbourne kitchen design team over a cup of coffee, as we put a solid plan in place moving forward. After setting out the ground rules for positioning kitchen units, the design, style and features would be optional in accordance with your requirements and your budget. Any further costs are discussed openly, as we value complete transparency and trust. Get started on your dream kitchen by booking your free at-home consult with our Kitchen Planner today. 

All aspects of your pending renovation are taken into account and catered for. Including lifestyle choices on style, functionality design, planning, colour, material finishes and affordability.

What can you expect to get?

  • Presentation of floor plan and full set of elevations.
  • Items to be included in presentation are: – Clearances, tolerances, safety features.
  • Client ideas incorporated in: – Storage, food preparation, cooking, serving, eating areas, entertaining and home office.
  • Explanation of workflow and work triangle.
  • Explanation of landing space beside work areas and preparation areas.
  • Presentation of storage ideas for food, crockery and cooking utensils.
  • Appliance advice and selection guidance
  • Supply of detailed drawings for any cabinets or work beyond standard.
  • Supply of specifications of work to be done.
  • Supply of mechanical plans including:- Plumbing, electrical, lighting, ducting and other ventilation.
  • Supply of construction plans for any structural work required.
  • Supply of full schedule to include: – Materials, colours and finishes.
  • Supply of schedule for all floor, wall and tiling finishes.
  • Presentation and supply of full colour rendered perspectives drawings with optional materials and finishes.
  • Organising several quotations if required.
  • Supply of schedule of work


As a Certified Kitchen Designer I realise the importance of informed, educated and happy customers. I would like to assist you as your kitchen designer, to create the kitchen of your dreams and offer you my expert advice and assistance at every stage of the process.

Rodney Pietzsch CKD (Aust)

Interested in working with me? Let’s talk.