Over my 30+ years in the kitchen design and renovation industry, I’ve gained some important insights into where your money goes. In particular, I’ve learnt where the real costs lie, and how you can save big dollars without compromising on service or quality.

With these insights in mind, I’ve created a unique business model for Prestige Kitchens – one that’s designed to pass huge savings back to you by cutting out the expensive, unnecessary overheads and add-on costs associated with running a kitchen showroom.

The Problem With Showrooms

Many kitchen renovation companies use showrooms to lure you in with examples of attention-grabbing designs. While these might look great on the showroom floor, they are typically not what your finished kitchen will look like, and tend to be full of design elements that won’t suit your personal needs. These are symptoms of not meeting you, the customer, at the most basic level: your individual needs and desires.

The reality is that not all kitchen companies offer a personalised service in creating a space that truly reflects what you want. Unfortunately, many people discover too late that they’ve wasted money and time on a design that is simply not right for their home and lifestyle – yet they’ve had to foot the bill for showroom costs and commissions.

As if that wasn’t enough, showrooms are expensive to run, eating up significant financial resources that could otherwise be passed back to you as savings.

Lifting The Lid

The pie chart below illustrates how most kitchen businesses allocate costs – including unnecessary showroom and commission expenses that are passed onto the customer. Remove those unnecessary costs, and you get a direct saving of 30%. At Prestige Kitchens, we pass this saving onto our customers while achieving the very same result you’d get from a high-end showroom.

What’s The Alternative?

At Prestige Kitchens, we’ve opted out of the showroom model. Instead, we use our website to showcase our actual work on real kitchens, along with reviews from real-life customers who we’ve partnered with from conception to completion. This journey of bringing a dream kitchen into reality can only come about by working very closely with each individual customer. By doing this, we consistently exceed expectations and achieve 5-star ratings from our very satisfied customers.

When you work with Prestige, you can be assured that we’ll design your dream kitchen, and do so within your financial expectations. Not only that – we’ll also be with you from beginning to the end of the project and beyond. This means no hidden costs or nasty surprises along the way.

In addition to being a Certified Kitchen Designer CKD Au since 1991 and a member of the KBDI (Kitchen & Bathroom Design Institute), I’ve previously owned four kitchen design showrooms and a manufacturing joinery business. I’ve also managed Impala Kitchens, one of Australia’s largest kitchen companies. As someone who knows the industry inside out, I believe that the showroom model is simply not cost-effective.

Put Yourself First

As a customer, you owe it to yourself to avoid paying for unnecessary add-ons that won’t complement your home and lifestyle. That’s why it’s important to choose a kitchen company that focuses on creating solutions tailored to your needs, rather than funding fancy showrooms.

To discuss your dream kitchen and find out how we can help make it a reality, contact Prestige Kitchens today.