How to choose the best Kitchen Manufacturers

Avoid modular bases systems. These limit design as they are set sizing, styles and finishes. They can be imported or locally made. These are either supplied flat pack and assembled on site or in a factory by the installer. You will know when you meet one of these companies as the Designer will be pushing you into their design  – as opposed to listening to what you want and coming up with innovative design solutions

Avoid manufacturers who use chipboard as a carcass material.  HMR board (high moisture resistant) and MDF (Medium density fiberboard) are preferable to lower density boards which allow screws to loosen over time

Cabinets should be screwed together with a conformant screw system, or glued.  Avoid buying from manufacturers who use Masonite backs or staple their cabinets together.  Insist on solid backs.

Metal-sided drawer units will outlast vinyl-wrapped or HMR drawers.  They also slide in and out much more easily.  Spending a few extra dollars on fully extendable soft closing metal drawers is a good investment as they will hold up to 64 kgs and come with a lifetime guarantee.

Choose adjustable legs that enable you to adjust the height of the bench top to a comfortable level as well as protect your kitchen from water damage.  These legs are excellent when leveling cabinetry where the floor is uneven or sloping and will give your design flexibility if you wish to add to your kitchen at a later stage.

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